SGC10 Göttingen, October 2018

Ron­j­about is a 3‑person pat­tern that uses the same manip­u­la­tion sequence as the well-known Round­about, but with an extra club in the base pat­tern.

Start­ing from 7‑club two-count, the manip­u­lat­or sub­sti­tutes a pass from A to B. A reacts by going into two rounds of 4‑count pop­corn (either with a triple self or with two heffs), while B does the tra­di­tion­al round­about exchange with the manip­u­lat­or. In the end, A passes twice (on 2‑count), at which point the new manip­u­lat­or will be stand­ing in front of them.

The pat­tern was dis­covered by Ronja's jug­gling group, which gave it its name.

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