EJC Newark, August 2019

Sascha was a very nice sur­prise at ejc. He showed up at the "Passing & Drink­ing" Work­shop and imme­di­ately asked wheth­er we were inter­ested to try a pat­tern. He had seen and mem­or­ized the pat­tern from the you­tube video "Pre­chac with my Friends" by Daniel­fausto, but lacked part­ners to try it with. The siteswap on the video is 5p 1 2 2 1p 1 (which we did not know, then). We do a "lazy" ver­sion by skip­ping both the the 1s, doing 2 actions on the same hand. So, you may call the siteswap police…or send in anoth­er video.

Still, this pat­tern is great fun – it will surely make it´s way into the "Minis" work­shops I some­times teach. We named it "Sascha" for this amaz­ing guy who showed up out of nowhere with it.

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