STAR – you follow me?!

juggled @ Freiburg Mai 2016

Pattern type: takeout

Another new pattern – don´t know where it comes from, actually. It´s not Ed´s, this time, so I don´t have the notation either.

The base pattern is a 4 person shooting star in 4count and with only 10 clubs. Before runnig, each juggler passes until having only 1 (not 2) clubs left, then runs halfway to receice a second club and runs into the gap to receive the third club he needs to start passing 4 count again.

Into this base pattern are added 2 persons with each 2 clubs, each doing a roundabout on jugglers that are not currently running.

As there are now times where neighboring jugglers wait with each 2 clubs, the “swobs” are introduced: before starting to run, each juggler exchanges both his clubs with the juggler to his right, who just arrived from running. After running, each juggler consequently has to swob his clubs with the juggler to his left.

Still bored? Well, the last step is easy: At the start of the running sequence, do a steal-replace (substitute) of a self of the juggler who will pass to you the short “halfway” pass immediately after that.


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