juggled @ Allgäu-Pass-Convention October 2017

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Zippy is the new craze of 2017! Invented by Dr. Ed and taught at Passout in Cambourne, it went like fire all over German Conventions. Is it hard? Well…if you are used to ambidextrous manipulations as well as 9 club PPS runaround – no.

It´s a good idea to try the PPS runaround, first, and that´s also a quite fun pattern. The notation is included in the zippy notation sheet. It also helps to do slow, high passes – the manipulators will thank you for not hitting them!

Ed also decided there should be a style guide set to do the “zip zip” as behind the back and then in front.

The reason for this video? Ed and his crew did not get two full rounds in their video…

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