juggled @ Allgäu-Pass-Convention October 2017

Zippy is the new craze of 2017! Inven­ted by Dr. Ed and taught at Pas­sout in Cam­bourne, it went like fire all over Ger­man Con­ven­tions. Is it hard? Well…if you are used to ambi­dex­trous manip­u­la­tions as well as 9 club PPS run­around – no.
It´s a good idea to try the PPS run­around, first, and that´s also a quite fun pat­tern. The nota­tion is included in the zippy nota­tion sheet. It also helps to do slow, high passes – the manip­u­lat­ors will thank you for not hit­ting them!

Ed also decided there should be a style guide set to do the "zip zip" as behind the back and then in front.

The reas­on for this video? Ed and his crew did not get two full rounds in their video…

Down­load zippy nota­tion

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