Workshop: Improving zaps

This work­shop was taught at Coast­Con 2016 by Brook and Nicki and focuses – sur­prise – on zaps.
Zaps can be a bit tricky to throw and catch, but they are also great fun.
This work­shop is meant for jug­glers who are already quite sol­id on passing and heffs and work on their zaps in a fun way.
The pat­terns are presen­ted in order of dif­fi­culty – pls drop me a line if you dis­agree…
Do I need to men­tion that all pat­terns are 4-handed siteswaps?

As a war­mup, it is recom­men­ded to start with 3 clubs ulti­mate zaps passing and then 5 clubs zaps ulti­mate passing. There are no videos for that. Well, for obvi­ous reas­ons, there are no videos for that. It´s bor­ing!
So, as soon as you are warmed up and get­ting bored by zaps only, try these:

Pattern #1: 4 clubs 55225

J1(2)x: Zap Zip Zap Zap Zip
J2(2)ll: Zap Zap Zip Zap Zip

If you get bored fast, do the zips behind the back!

Pattern #2: 5 clubs 56662

J1(3)x: Zap Self Zip Self Self
J2(2)ll: Self Self Zap Self Zip

The zap is magic. We just didn´t bring a dif­fer­ent col­or club to the beach with us…

Pattern #3: 6 clubs 75666

J1(3)x: Pass Self Self Zap Self
J2(3)ll: Zap Self Pass Self Self
J1 does cross­ing zaps – so he does strainght single passes! J2 does straight zaps, so he does cross­ing single passes.

The zap and the pass need to be a full beat dif­fer­ent in their timing…so, floaty single passes might help!
The zap is magic, again.

Pattern #4: 5 clubs 852

J1(3)x: Heff Zip Zap
J2(3)ll: Zap Heff Zip

No magic, here.

Pattern #5: 6 clubs 85566

J1(3)x: Heff Zap Self Zap Self
J2(3)ll: Zap Self Heff Zap Self

Flux com­pens­a­tion for the last pat­tern: both zaps are magic.

Pattern #6: 7 clubs 56789

J1(3)x: Heff Zap Pass Double­pass Self
J2(3)ll: Pass Double­pass Self Heff Zap

The zap is magic. The pat­tern is tough. It has passes at 3 dif­fer­ent heigths, so the tim­ing has to be really good!

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