Workshop: Improving zaps

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This workshop was taught at CoastCon 2016 by Brook and Nicki and focuses – surprise – on zaps.
Zaps can be a bit tricky to throw and catch, but they are also great fun.
This workshop is meant for jugglers who are already quite solid on passing and heffs and work on their zaps in a fun way.
The patterns are presented in order of difficulty – pls drop me a line if you disagree…
Do I need to mention that all patterns are 4-handed siteswaps?

As a warmup, it is recommended to start with 3 clubs ultimate zaps passing and then 5 clubs zaps ultimate passing. There are no videos for that. Well, for obvious reasons, there are no videos for that. It´s boring!
So, as soon as you are warmed up and getting bored by zaps only, try these:

Pattern #1: 4 clubs 525

J1(2)x: Zap Zip Zap
J2(2)ll: Zap Zap Zip

If you get bored fast, do the zips behind the back!

Pattern #2: 5 clubs 56662

J1(3)x: Zap Self Zip Self Self
J2(2)ll: Self Self Zap Self Zip

The zap is magic. We just didn´t bring a different color club to the beach with us…

Pattern #3: 6 clubs 75666

J1(3)x: Pass Self Self Zap Self
J2(3)ll: Zap Self Pass Self Self
J1 does crossing zaps – so he does strainght single passes! J2 does straight zaps, so he does crossing single passes.

The zap and the pass need to be a full beat different in their timing…so, floaty single passes might help!
The zap is magic, again.

Pattern #4: 5 clubs 852

J1(3)x: Heff Zip Zap
J2(3)ll: Zap Heff Zip

No magic, here.

Pattern #5: 6 clubs 85566

J1(3)x: Heff Zap Self Zap Self
J2(3)ll: Zap Self Heff Zap Self

Flux compensation for the last pattern: both zaps are magic.

Pattern #6: 7 clubs 56789

J1(3)x: Heff Zap Pass Doublepass Self
J2(3)ll: Pass Doublepass Self Heff Zap

The zap is magic. The pattern is tough. It has passes at 3 different heigths, so the timing has to be really good!

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