juggled @ Augsburg Notconvention Mai 2017

Pattern type: takeout

As Zippy is such a big hit (and we love to juggle it), we thought to imitate Aidan and find additional patterns of a zippy series. Aidan found 27 Scrambled V variations by permutating the possible actions in a 9 club 2-count runaround. As the resulting Scrambled V variations have only 3 beats, 3 positions to manipulate (A,B & C) and 3 manipulations (substitute, intercept & carry), this stands to reason.

Zippy, on the other hand, has 8 beats, still 3 positions and 4 manipulations (2x substitute, intercept & carry). As not all beats have a manipulation, you could also shift the manipulations around, resulting in even more possible patterns…which Martin was a big fan of. He calculated more than 600 possible patterns, in fact!
While I like him a lot, I argued strongly for a more sensible approach: Specifying a set of rules for a proposed zippy-family, I arrived at “only” 81 zippy-style patterns.
I assumed that manipulation is always 2x substitute, intercept, carry, starts at beat 2, after each manipulation there must be a zip, and between the 2 substitutes there must be the trademark zip-zip. We picked one at random and got started. Zippy_1 feels different from zippy, but it is a nice pattern!

So, if you get bored of the original, try a variation (and send me a video!)

Download Zippy_1 notation

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