Takeouts “How to steal from your friends”

This guide by Aidan Burns attempts to explain takeout patterns for three to six people. It contains the classic patterns: roundabout, scrambled v, chopabout, Dolby s’oround, three count roundabout and shooting star with roundabout. These classic patterns inspired the rest of the patterns in this guide, including the five person scrambled v variations and ambidextrous … Read more

2-handed Siteswap

Let´s start easy, funny and entertaining with vanilla siteswap, explained at the ‘Nerd Nite’ in Magdeburg, November 2014 by Alexander Leymann (in German, but the slides are very useful!) If you prefer further reading, here is the link to Allen Knutsons Siteswap FAQ If you think you got everything he said, you should be able … Read more

Compatible siteswaps list by Christian Kästner

Different 4 handed siteswaps are compatible, meaning that juggler 1 can do a different pattern than juggler 2 – that´s especially great for juggling groups of mixed skills – better jugglers can pass a difficult pattern against an easy one. Christian Kästner compiled an online, searchable list of compatible 4 handed siteswaps. In this list, … Read more