Scrambled V variations

27 variations of Scrambled V

The first and ori­gin­al Scrambled V was developed by the Biowup group in Hilden, Ger­many. Aidan Burns found a clev­er way to not only describe the already exist­ing pat­tern, but to work out 27 pos­sible vari­ations. By now, all of them have been juggled and while some are harder than oth­ers, all of them are (obvi­ously) jugglable. Aidan´s nota­tion is from the view­point of the manip­u­lat­or, which may lead to con­fu­sion in read­ing them as most jug­glers tend to see scrambleds from the view­point of the feed­er (who, incid­ent­ally calls out the beats). So, Ed Clark re-arraged the nota­tion to the view­point of the feed­er.

Scrambled V combinations

Scrambled V vari­ations can be com­bined with each oth­er, adding a 5th per­son and only one club. For a long time, only those com­bin­a­tions were juggled, where the manip­u­lat­ors do not inter­act with the same jug­gler at the same time. There­fore, the manip­u­lat­ors tra­di­tion­ally do not inter­act with each oth­er.

Recently, more com­bin­a­tions have been tried – among them the "impossible" ones.

Ambled V

Adding anoth­er club to any scrambled V vari­ation makes it an ambled V. The base pat­tern now is a 10 club feed, so all passes are double passes. There is an issue with tim­ing, though: In a 10 club feed, the feeder´s right hand is synced with the feedees left hands. So, when B walks over to the feeder´s side of the pat­tern, he has to "amble" to loose half a beat of time and change hands. This is best done by throw­ing double­self – hold – pass.

Bamboozled V

So far, there is one pat­tern that "res­isted" being ambled: Panto. By adding anoth­er club (12 in total), we fixed the prob­lems and made it work. We called it "bam­boozled" as we are still dis­cuss­ing the nota­tion. We also have no idea wheth­er bam­booz­ling works for oth­er pat­terns, too. We are now work­ing to amble all 27.

Scrambled V Google Doc

In this Google spread­shirt you will find tables of all 27 scrambled V vari­ations in both Aidan´s as well as Ed´s nota­tion. There is also a page of gen­er­al hints con­cern­ing nota­tion. Recently, we added a sheet of the ambleds and one for the com­bin­a­tions.

Sheet of Scrambleds,

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