List of Scrambled V variations

27 variations of Scrambled V

The first and original Scrambled V was developed by the Biowup group in Hilden, Germany. Aidan Burns found a clever way to not only describe the already existing pattern, but to work out 27 possible variations. By now, all of them have been juggled and while some are harder than others, all of them are (obviously) jugglable. Aidan´s notation is from the viewpoint of the manipulator, which may lead to confusion in reading them as most jugglers tend to see scrambleds from the viewpoint of the feeder (who, incidentally calls out the beats). So, Ed Clark re-arraged the notation to the viewpoint of the feeder.

Scrambled V combinations

Scrambled V variations can be combined with each other, adding a 5th person and only one club. For a long time, only those combinations were juggled, where the manipulators do not interact with the same juggler at the same time. Therefore, the manipulators traditionally do not interact with each other.

Recently, more combinations have been tried – among them the “impossible” ones.

Ambled V

Adding another club to any scrambled V variation makes it an ambled V. The base pattern now is a 10 club feed, so all passes are double passes. There is an issue with timing, though: In a 10 club feed, the feeder´s right hand is synced with the feedees left hands. So, when B walks over to the feeder´s side of the pattern, he has to “amble” to loose half a beat of time and change hands. This is best done by throwing doubleself – hold – pass.

Bamboozled V

So far, there is one pattern that “resisted” being ambled: Panto. By adding another club (12 in total), we fixed the problems and made it work. We called it “bamboozled” as we are still discussing the notation. We also have no idea whether bamboozling works for other patterns, too. We are now working to amble all 27.

Scrambled V Google Doc

In this Google spreadshirt you will find tables of all 27 scrambled V variations in both Aidan´s as well as Ed´s notation. There is also a page of general hints concerning notation. Recently, we added a sheet of the ambleds and one for the combinations.

Sheet of Scrambleds,

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