Compatible siteswaps list by Christian Kästner

Dif­fer­ent 4 handed siteswaps are com­pat­ible, mean­ing that jug­gler 1 can do a dif­fer­ent pat­tern than jug­gler 2 – that´s espe­cially great for jug­gling groups of mixed skills – bet­ter jug­glers can pass a dif­fi­cult pat­tern against an easy one.

Chris­ti­an Käst­ner com­piled an online, search­able list of com­pat­ible 4 handed siteswaps.

Online list of com­pat­ible siteswaps

In this list, the num­bers mean:

2 = zip (very fast self without spin)

4 = hold or flip

5 = zap (fast, half-spun pass)

6 = single self

7 = single pass

8 = heff (double spun column self)

9 = double pass

a = 10 = triple self

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