3-count Follow-About

Göttingen, September 2019

Pattern type: takeout

At this year’s EJC in Newark, there was a workshop on Follow-About, which is a Roundabout with one extra manipulator, who is following the first one on the same side. This pattern was new. Normally, the second manipulator would start at the same time, but in the opposite direction than the first one.

So there was a nice new idea.

But the pattern was in 4-count.

For those who prefer both handed (ambidextrous) patterns, Marie from Lille and Nicki from Göttingen developed the

3-count Follow-About

There is one (in my opinion, not so pretty, because “one-sided”) first version of the pattern, which I do not want to go into here.

Here are a few basic information about the final pattern:

  • 3-count Follow-About is based on (Nicki’s) 3-count Roundabout. In order to learn the new pattern, it is not necessary to have ever thrown this Roundabout version.     
  • The only flying pass in this pattern is magic – and painful if you don’t see it coming! On one side of the pattern (3-count-rhythm) the same club always flies as a pass. This pass should be thrown especially flowty. And the two selfs before the pass should also be thrown very slowly and high in order to give more time to the slightly stressed (ex-)manipulator who wants to catch the pass.     
  • The manipulation from position A to B is different to the one from B to A. And in one direction, the manipulation takes longer than in the other. You can walk quite slowly from B to A while throwing two pelfs to the left. But when walking from A to B, you have to do some more things as a manipulator and stay much longer in the pattern.
  • The previous point has the funny effect of getting the magical pass club as a right-handed pass from someone else than as a left-handed pass.

You can find a more detailed description in German on Anett’s Blog.

Notation 3-count Follow-About

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