Shorty a.k.a. 796686867-about a.k.a. Quickie

Halle 2021

Pattern type: 4handed

A new takeout pattern based on a period 9 base pattern with 7 clubs. I designed the base pattern specifically for Shorty so we could have an ambidextrous manipulator pattern that is hard to juggle but easy to remember.

Like in all takeout patterns in 4-handed siteswap, the manipulator has to change 12 times before the round is complete: 3 people * (A side + B side) * (right-handed + left-handed). While you might expect this to become very long, this pattern is actually one of the shortest and fastest to date. How can this be with a scary base pattern like 796686867?

The first reason is that the global siteswap only repeats once before M changes. In the period 3 family of patterns (567-about, 972-about, 978-about, …), the 3 throws are repeated 3 times, so you also end up with 9 global beats.

The second reason is that 4 of those 9 throws are not even juggled: The time between the intercept and the carry is maximal, so almost all of the self throws disappear while M very slowly carries the next single pass to the other side.

You only have to remember this juggling sequence (which conveniently is also B’ start into the pattern):

self, heff, heff, single, double, pop

Juggler A starts with a crossing double pass, followed by the pop to the manipulator.


  • Juggling 796686867 without a manipulator is actually harder: a lot more to remember and a collision problem with the first 7 that does not happen in the manipulation pattern.
    • I recommend warming up with 972 instead to practice throwing clean “stacks”.
  • No need to remember straight or crossing sides: Always throw the “stack” of passes towards the side where the manipulator just walked to.
  • The double pass is a magic club, so it can be color coded (orange in the video).

What next?

  • There is time to move the intercept 1 beat later. The carry can then be given over the shoulder, and the intercepted self caught from behind on the other side of the juggler.
    The sequence then becomes “self, heff, heff, single, double, self, self-intercept”
  • If this somehow becomes to easy, feel free to replace “heff, heff” with “triple-self, self” (7966a6667).

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