4-count Roundabout

juggled @ Juggling Resort Aichtal April 2018

On this years Aichtal Jug­gling Con­ven­tion "Jug­gling Resort" Juli, Simon and I decided to give a Round­about Work­shop. We thought a lot of jug­glers there would like this work­shop.

We also made a work­shop video with Maya instead of Simon so that par­ti­cipants or prob­ably oth­er jug­glers have a good video for learn­ing the round­about.
4 – Count Round­about is a rel­at­ive easy to learn takeout passing pat­tern for three jug­glers. It is a good start into the world of mov­ing and manip­u­la­tion pat­terns.
Have fun watch­ing and learn­ing the round­about.
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    • At least one of the Brit­ish jug­glers is a huge fan of left-handed manip­u­la­tion pat­terns – maybe we´ll do it!

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