Crossed V

Halle an der Saale, October 2020

Pattern type: takeout

Jenny had the idea of a new twist on the classic Scrambled V patterns: The juggler walking over to change the feeder now walks through the pattern to the other side, instead of around the outside. In other words, B walks to stand by A’s right, not to A’s left.

This creates a mirrored version of the feed (with A’, B’ and C’). To keep the manipulation more similar to the original, we decided to also flip the hands: Passes are thrown from the left hand, and the manipulator is left-handed, too. Essentially, we are continuously switching between a mirrored Scrambled V and a “normal” one.

To switch between the hands, there is an extra self at the end of each transition. The feeder does one 3-count, the feedies do one 5-count. We found that counting out loudly helped: “1 —- 2 —- 3 self self”

You can (in theory) combine this style of walking with any of the 27 Scrambled manipulations, creating a new family of ambidextrous Scrambled patterns!

Tips for all Crossed patterns:

  • 2 people will always do the left-handed manipulation, 2 people always the right-handed manipulation.
  • You will walk through the room, because the transition always shifts the pattern in the same direction.

Tips for Crossed V in particular:

  • In the video, we start left-handed.
  • To assign who will manipulate with which hand: In the starting position, A and C will have the same handedness, as will B and M.
  • When walking over as B, we didn’t manage to actually throw the selves, because you have to be out of the way quickly. Not saying it’s impossible, but it is hard. Your walk happens on the 5-count.
  • B walks through the pattern first, then (new) M walks to do the carry behind (old) B.

You can also check out Jenny’s writeup about this pattern on her GitHub page. Have fun!

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