Coastless Con Göttingen, July 2019

PAC MAN has always been a fun game and so is the pat­tern. It was inven­ted for the Codarts gradu­ation show in 2017. Basic­ally, PAC MAN con­nects 2 round­abouts in a cross by a diag­on­al carry (and a diag­on­al pass). One group of jug­glers always passes on even, the oth­er on odd beats.

PAC MAN isn´t too hard to juggle, as it is right-handed 4‑count.
It´s still to hard to get it run­ning, as it is 6 people!

If you know round­about well and are able to do nice single passes at rather long dis­tance, this pat­tern is for you.

Down­load PAC MAN nota­tion

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