Ambled Choptopus

juggled @ Israeli Juggling Convention, April 2019

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This is the first pat­tern put into prac­tice from the "Ambled" vari­ations which does not have an equi­val­ent pat­tern in the 27 Scrambled vari­ations. This hap­pens because when mov­ing from the 9‑club base pat­tern to the 10-club base pat­tern, an extra beat with an extra pass is added, cre­at­ing quite a few new "inter­cept, carry, sub­sti­tute" com­bin­a­tions.

The first pass thrown by B (beat 2, marked blue in the video) is sub­sti­tuted and should be thrown as a toma­hawk (an "ambled chop"). This pass is also a magic club – in the next round be the same club is thrown as a toma­hawk again. In fact, the only throws with this club are the toma­hawk and a zip. Try repla­cing it with some oth­er prop 🙂

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