Ambled Toast

juggled @ Secret German convention 9 2017

Ambled Toast is the second ambled pattern around, after Ambled V, of course. Ambled Patterns are derived from the Scrambled series by adding 1 additional club. The runaround consequently becomes a 10 club 2-count runaround. The 2 sides of the passing therefore exist in different “time zones” – the right hand of one pattern side is synchronous to the left hand of the other side. Feedie B has to cover for this when he walks over to the other side – therefore he has to do left hand double self (DS), right hand hold and then right hand double pass. The manipulator also has to cross the time zone: as he has his own rythm, he just wastes away his additional time by ambling a bit slowly to the other side.
Ambleds are a ton harder to do than scrambleds! Practise 7 club 2-count, double selfs, 10 club 2-count feed and the 10 club runaround included in the notation. Oh, and do some strength training…

Download Ambled Toast notation


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