Berlin Convention 2018

Finally, another great Berlin summer convention with endless luxury breakfasts, a lake to swim, warm showers on the beach, a huge birthday party and an awesome gala show.

There were several passing workshops

  • Passing 7 clubs by James & Cameron
  • Phoenician Waltz by Toto, Ruth, Uwe & Marie
  • Champi by Andi, Hoschy & Juli
  • Roundabout by I don´t know whom. Still, I included the link to our video here, just in case someone is looking for one. One group was actually asking me for one. A word in general: If you are looking for a video to learn a pattern, ask me. I have lots of unedited videos that I don´t post online but I´d send you the file.

For a very nice German language review, please visit Neddi´s blog!

And definitely watch Luke Burrage´s Convention Vlog

Share with your friends and juggle together!

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