Jena, September 2021

Pattern type: takeout

BrunEd is an ambidextrous 4-person manipulator pattern with five manipulation actions.
It is based on the idea of MinuEd, a three-person manipulation pattern based on Pass Pass Self, which was invented by Ed Clark back in 2015. The base pattern is Brunos Nightmare in Pass Pass Self.

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Christian K. from Pittsburgh had the idea of keeping the main part of the MinuEd manipulation and put it into a feed. Christian and friends juggled it in the US and at the EJC in Lublin in 2017, as you can see here.

Four years later, Tanja wanted to juggle it. Luckily there was the video from Christian from which we (re)learned it in May and August in Göttingen.

And lately, in Jena, we finally managed to get two rounds on video. Thanks to Anett, Kathi and Tanja.

The manipulation:

Like in MinuEd the manipulation (“Macarena”) goes like described in the following:
Firstly, bring the carry along the base line from the new feeder (A) to the lower feedie (B) straight to lower hand.
Secondly, take the same club back and substitute it to the feeder.
Thirdly, reach across and take the next self from the feeder’s upper hand early.
Fourthly, substitute this self with the club in your lower hand (crossing to the juggler’s lower hand).
Then, catch a pass from the upper hand middle (at the handle) with your now free upper hand.
After that, substitute it on the other side of the pattern with the club in your other hand.
Lastly, receive a pop with this hand to intercept C, who will be the next manipulator and start with the carry and do the sequence described above.

The walking:

  • The juggler at position B (lower feedie) is walking in 3-count on beat 4, 5 and 6 to the other side of the pattern, where there are 3 selfs to turn around. Next they are going to be upper feedie (position C).
  • At the same time, on beats 5 and 6, the upper feedie (position C) is also “falling down” to the base line and is going to be the new feeder (position A).

The Feeding:

The feeder is doing Pass Pass Self, but it is not easy, because some throws are manipulated and the feedies are walking and changing sides while doing so. In detail the feeder has to do the following during his nine beats:

  1. When you got the pop, turn around and be prepared to catch a pass from the lower feedie (B), you do not throw yet, because M is doing the carry for you.
  2. Long pass with the upper hand to the upper feedie.
  3. Self
  4. Short pass to B who wants to start walking
  5. Long Pass along the same line to the other feedie who is behind the first one
  6. A soft self, that is taken out early by the manipulator
  7. Short, crossing pass to the first feedie who is walking to your side
  8. Pass to the second feedie, which is taken by the manipulator
  9. Self


BrunEd is a quite hard ambidextrous 4-person manipulator pattern. The hardest part is to learn the nine different things you have to do as a feeder. We had very much fun while practicing the pattern. After all, I can very much recommend you, trying to learn the pattern.

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