juggled @ Glühweinconvention February 2016

Pattern type: takeout

MinuEd is a manipulation with changeover in PassPassSelf Passing. It was developed by Ed Clark quite recently and now, the race is on to get 2 full rounds on video. The closest call so far is from the states and you can watch them here. Caution, they use glittery pink fat ….things.

Well, we managed one round…but as this was the first time we were juggling together since PassOut we were proud of our round – and here it is:

THE NOTATION (Ed´s style, obviously)

Hand:             R     L      R      L    R     L     R    L   R    |  L    R    L    R   L   R    L   R    L

Juggler A:       P     P     S      P    P    S     P    P   S    |  P   P   Sp   P   P   S   P   P   S      becomes A

Juggler B:       P     P     Sp    P    P    S     P    P   S    |  P   P   S    P    P   S   P   P   S      becomes B

Manipulator:    __  SAB   IBB  CBA  __   __   SAB __  SBB | __ SBA IAA CAB __  __ SBA __ SA A  becomes M

“pop”                                                 “pop”

green (ish): juggler does a “pop” self (Sp) and becomes the manipulator starting with 2 clubs and a carry

red (ish): manipulator “intercepts” a “pop” and becomes a juggler

If you are color blind: The “old” manipulator always goes out with an intercept (his 3rd club is passed to him) and then the new manipulator carries his additional club to somewhere to get rid of it.

Similar passing patterns:

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