juggled @ Glühweinconvention February 2016

Min­uEd is a manip­u­la­tion with changeover in PassPass­Self Passing. It was developed by Ed Clark quite recently and now, the race is on to get 2 full rounds on video. The closest call so far is from the states and you can watch them here. Cau­tion, they use glit­tery pink fat .…things.

Well, we man­aged one round…but as this was the first time we were jug­gling togeth­er since Pas­sOut we were proud of our round – and here it is:

THE NOTA­TION (Ed´s style, obvi­ously)

Hand: R L R L R L R L R | L R L R L R L R L

Jug­gler A: P P S P P S P P S | P P Sp  P P S P P S becomes A

Jug­gler B: P P  Sp P P S P P S | P P S P P S P P S becomes B

Manip­u­lat­or: __ SA IBB CBA __ __ SAB __ SBB | __ SBA IAA CAB __ __ SBA __ SA A becomes M

"pop" "pop"

green (ish): jug­gler does a "pop" self (Sp) and becomes the manip­u­lat­or start­ing with 2 clubs and a carry

red (ish): manip­u­lat­or "inter­cepts" a "pop" and becomes a jug­gler

If you are col­or blind: The "old" manip­u­lat­or always goes out with an inter­cept (his 3rd club is passed to him) and then the new manip­u­lat­or car­ries his addi­tion­al club to some­where to get rid of it.

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