Catch the Carrot

created @ Haus3 Hamburg, March 2023

Pattern type: takeout

‘Catch the carrot’ is an easy pattern with a short sequence, which makes it very beginner friendly.
It is a three-person manipulation pattern based on a Jim’s 3-count.

In a standard Jim’s 3-count, one passer (e.g. Juggler A) throws a pass cross instead of straight. This causes the reviewer o the pass ( Juggler B) to throw at two consecutive beats with the same hand (e.g. right-handed pass is followed by a right-handed self). We call this a “hurry”.

In “Catch the Carrot” we do not feel this effect since the pass is carried by the manipulator.

This pattern is ambidextrous, meaning the left and right hands change after six beats. We indicate this by A’, B’ and C’.
Note, that after three beats Juggler A continues with the throws of Juggler B, but swaps straight with cross passes.
The same count for Juggler B. A total round consists therefore of 12 beats.

The pattern has one magic club, which is always a pass.
Two other colour-coded clubs (the carrots) stay on their sides and are never thrown as passes. They are intercepted through a pop.
When the manipulator brings the club, they must carry the “inner” club. Otherwise, you mess up the colour code.

Notes for Notation-Nerds:
This pattern actually just consists of three beats. Meaning on beta 4-6 juggler A does the same throws as Juggler B did at beat 1-3. However, the former straight pass of Juggler B is now thrown as a cross pass.
Technically we could write the pattern as follows:

So we would re-label after three beats while swapping straight with cross passes and vice versa.
Note that in this short notation, the indicator for swapping R and L is no longer included.
Therefore we preferred the longer notation over 6 beats, even if including quasi-redundant information.

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