Chopsticks mit Doppelgänger

Passout Königswiesen 2019/20

Pattern type: takeout

This pattern is based on Chopsticks, a popular 3-person manipulation pattern discovered by Cameron Ford. We added a 2nd manipulator in the middle, which is commonly called a “doppelgänger”.

How to get here: Learn the original Chopsticks first.


  • You always catch chops from the same person.
  • The original 3-person pattern is ambidextrous and a “north wall” pattern, so the first chop that M takes out is always on the same side of the room. This is not the same in this pattern:
    • 2 people always take a right-handed chop first, then a left-handed chop. They carry with their left hand into the juggler’s right hand.
    • The other 2 people always take a left-handed chop first, then a right-handed chop. They carry with their right hand into the juggler’s left hand.
  • After the first pair of manipulators is in the middle again, the round is already complete and everyone starts over with the same hands! But everyone is now standing rotated 180° in the room.

What to do next:

  • Once you get it running, you could try doing the “zip zip” in the middle behind the other manipulator’s back while switching position with them.
  • We did it in 3-count, but feel free to try the “pass pass self” or 1-count version, they should work just the same.
  • Try the version with backcatches.

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