juggled @ Ulm October 2015

This pat­tern is the scrambled vari­ation known as "B". In Bri­tain, it´s also known as the "Honey Bee" and the count­ing goes "Sun, rain, flowers" instead of "1,2,3". Dur­ing the carry you´d call "honey" and the bee fol­lows the carry, buzz­ing. Well, the little bee got tired of all that "sun, rain and flowers" stuff – and as all clubs in the scrambleds are magic, at least here the carry can eas­ily be a bottle and it is always neat if a jug­gler runs after a bottle, right? So, the little bee is now a cheer­ful alco­hol­ic drink­ing to the health of its friends…

Please excuse the low video qual­ity – we´ll do a bet­ter one, soon. And yes, there will be work­shops!

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