Halt mal kurz

Coastless Con Göttingen, July 2020

Pattern type: takeout

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The pattern “Halt mal kurz” is a four person manipulation pattern with four manipulation actions.
It is based on the same idea as the Crossed Scrambled patterns, where the juggler walking over to change the feeder now walks through the pattern to the other side, instead of around the outside. In other words, B walks to stand by A’s right, not to A’s left.

On every change, hands are flipped. Meaning, passes are thrown with the other hand and the manipulation changes as well.
To switch between the hands, there is an extra self at the end of each transition. The feeder does one 3-count, the feedies do one 5-count. We found that counting out loudly helped: “1 —- 2 —- 3 — 4 — halt-mal”

The Manipulation:

There are two positions, where the manipulator is taking exactly that club, which was given to the juggler before. Those magic clubs are the CA on beat 1 and the SAB on beat 5.
The manipulator club is in that sense just “hold shortly” by the juggler, but never thrown.
In the pattern, this very action happens with in total three clubs, which we marked as green, blue and orange in the video.

In the video:

  • In the video, the juggler at position C is walking. The pattern can likewise be done moving to the other side when B is walking.
  • When walking over as C, it is quite difficult to throw the selfes, because you have to be out of the way quickly. Just Markus and Wolfgang manage to do this in the video.

Tips for all Crossed patterns:

  • 2 people will always do the left-handed manipulation, 2 people always the right-handed manipulation.
  • You will walk through the room because the transition always shifts the pattern in the same direction.

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