J, C and a Crown

Lake District and Catch! Convention July 2018

James and Cameron taught a very nice 7 club “righty lefty” passing workshop at Berlin convention 2018. I especially enjoyed their way of marking the starting juggler with a crown in their pattern notation.

Several weeks later, Cameron and me went hiking at Lake District before attending Catch! convention. The first day of hiking, we didn´t juggle at all! I, at least, didn´t even think about juggling… The landscape at Lake District is really breathtaking.
Anyway, the second day, I had to drive a strange rental car on the wrong side of the road in between stone walls on a road exactly 2 cars wide (at the widest parts) for several hours.
We took a juggling break to relax. And filmed the first three patterns on a windy hilltop.

The next days, we juggled, but mostly other stuff. Minis, like Stella and Fabi, for example.

The last day at Catch! convention we accidentally met in front of our tents quite early in the morning and decided to film the other three patterns, rightaway. We also decided to go into town for the filming, as Appleby in Cumbria is a very cute town. After getting kicked out of the castle grounds and leaving a meadow due to wind we just took the last video in front of the convention site. I´m still in my PJs!

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