Gare du Zap^2

juggled @ MiniCon Göttingen Januar 2022

Pattern type:

Gare du Zap is the 6-handed siteswap a8999 (global), where you locally throw “pass self zap self self”. The pass (3.3 P) should be in the air a little bit longer than a self, the zap is just a little bit faster that a self (2.7 P).

Position A: In the video Matthias starts first, doing a straight pass to Ruth, a self, and a crossing zap to Nicki. Then he is exchanged by Toto, who is starting with the two selfs in a row. This is always our way to start in the pattern when you exchange your partner.

Position B: Barbara starts a third of a beat later with a straight zap to Matthias. Ruth is coming into the pattern with self, self, pass to Nicki, self, zap to Toto, throwing both, the pass and the zap straight.

Position C: Nicki starts two thirds of a beat later than Matthias throwing self, crossing pass to Toto, self, straight zap to Ruth, self, self, pass, self, zap before he leaves the position for Anett. All the 3.3 P passes are going to position A, all the zaps are going to position B.

It is a fun 6-person passing pattern which you can easily juggle with either three, four or five jugglers as well.

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