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On 2016-12-14 Greg Philips wrote to the Pas­sout list:

Dear Passing Friends

After a couple of years of on-and-off work, I'm pleased to announce the offi­cial release of juggling•graphics, a siteswap illus­trat­or. It serves abso­lutely no pur­pose oth­er than to draw pretty pic­tures of siteswaps — but that's more than good enough for me! You can give it a whirl at https://​jug​gling​.graph​ics/

Huge props to Craig Quat (see what I did there?) for the ori­gin­al visu­al­iz­a­tion concept and to Jay Gil­ligan for an exten­ded con­ver­sa­tion that helped me refine the idea.

I look for­ward to see­ing many of you in Cam­bourne in a couple of weeks!

Greg Phil­lips

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