MinuEd with Tricks

Paderborn "Green Floor", March 2020

We added some tricks to one of Ed’s first ambidextrous manipulation patterns: MinuEd.

In MinuEd, when you become the manipulator M, you start by carrying a club, a brief pause, and then a substitute of the same club that you have just carried.

If M puts the carried club somewhere else, both M and the juggler have a free hand for a high five. In this video, we played with variations of how you can “store” the club in different locations. In order of appearance:

  • Jojo puts the “carried” club on Lukas’ foot and skips the next substitute. Lukas kicks up the club, so it arrives in his right hand at the same time when the substitute would have arrived.
  • Lina puts the “carried” club on Jojo’s shoulder and skips the next substitute. Jojo takes the club from her shoulder at the same time when the substitute would have arrived.
  • Lukas throws the “carried” club high into the air and catches it himself after the high five. Then he gives his other club to Lina (like a normal substitute).

Unfortunately, we only managed half a round on camera … There is lots of room for creativity, but MinuEd itself is already not that easy.

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