Reverse Roundabout

CoastlessCon Göttingen, August 2020

Pattern type: takeout

Ronja had the amazing idea of taking the classic 4-count Roundabout, but juggling it backwards in time! We attempted various options to make this work in our bland, forward-time universe, and settled on this one.

The main goal was to make the manipulation look like the roundabout when played backwards. Surprisingly, even after reversing their order, the manipulator actions are still basically the same: carry a self, substitute a pass, substitute a self, intercept a pass. What changes are the characteristic styles in which you perform those actions.

To get a reverse left-handed roundabout, the jugglers should pass a right-handed 4-count (because a pass from R to L turns into L to R). The manipulation is still completely right-handed. The manipulator should do the following at the start of their sequence:

  1. Start by taking back your ice cream from the old manipulator who just went out (you receive it the wrong way around on its body with your left hand).
  2. Throw your last right-handed pass.
  3. Carry: This is what used to be the “ice cream” or “German turn” move. Turn to the right (away from the juggler) while dramatically holding up the club in your right hand. “Pelf” it back to the juggler, zip the other club as normal.
  4. Substitute pass: This is unchanged. Take it early and replace it from below like you always did, and it will look exactly right!
  5. Substitute self: This is what used to be the carry. Take the self early (from below) and turn out to the juggler’s left (facing the juggler) while flipping both clubs so you hold them by the handle.
    Then put the club from your right hand into the juggler’s left hand, giving it the wrong way around!
  6. Intercept pass: Just like in normal roundabout, the third juggler throws their pass wide to you.
    You become the juggler again, ready to catch the next manipulator’s “reverse pelf” (from step 3).

If your brain hurts now, you’re doing it right! While the pattern is in principle quite easy to juggle, we found it very hard to unlearn our muscle memory from roundabout and turn the wrong way.

To make the backwards effect more convincing, you could also try the following refinements:

  • Throw selves with reverse spin and from the outside!
  • Throw passes with normal spin, but let go while your hand is up and catch while your hand is down (this is very challenging).
  • When flipping clubs, flip them the other way.
  • Juggle everything left-handed instead, so the reverse pattern will be right-handed and you don’t have to mirror the video and hope no one will notice …

Have fun!

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