Isolating Hoschy

juggled @ Super Juggling Aichtal April 2016

Pattern type: takeout

Experimente…mit Simon´s neuer ActionCam, mit dem altbekannten Roundabout und mit unseren Freunden aus Neuss – besonders Hoschy, der sich hat bereitwillig isolieren lassen…

7 Club 4 count roundabout with an isolated person:
It´s a normal 4-count roundabout, just with one difference: one of the 3 people does not leave his position (he just turns). So, he is forcing the other 2 jugglers to adjust their position around him. Good for jugglers with knee or foot injuries (or just extreme slowness / lack of movement motivation). Also called “tessified roundabout” because it was “invented” following Tess´ injury. Try it – it´s fun to do and only a little harder than normal roundabout.

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