Tilman´s Android App for Siteswap Generation

I programmed an Android App for passing Siteswap generation and just finished the first release. The following features at are supported at the moment:

  • Find all possible Siteswaps for a given period length and number of objects
  • Easy filtering of zips, zaps and holds via check boxes
  • Automatic filtering of non-passable patterns
  • Support for pattern and interface filters
  • Generation of local Siteswaps and calculation of start position
  • Support for asynchronous passing patters with more than two jugglers
  • Generation of very long patterns in a random mode

The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
The source code and some documentation are available at Github.

Unfortunately I won’t be at this years PassOut myself, but I hope you are able to test some new patterns. I am looking forward to some feedback. You can post bug reports or feature requests on the github page, or of course directly via email.

Have fun at the PassOut and see you on the next convention,

*** As not every passer is on the pass-out list, I decided to copy some of the most important mails as to resources and new patterns to the passing.zone. They are chosen completely arbitrary by me and not cited 100% scientifically correct. If you are the author, feel free to contact me! Juli ***

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