Ambled Wankle engine

PassOut Königswiesen, January 2020

Pattern type: takeout

The ambled project is going one step further! Lukas and Juli tried juggling ambled wankle motor years ago. At that time, we were absolutely unable to get around this problem: the carry to A can only be given as soon as A has a free hand (at least, that´s what we thought) and by that time, the self-substitute on C is supposed to happen – on the same beat but on the other side of the pattern.

Now, we “solved” this issue within the first few minutes: The carry is thrown as a half-spun little pass in sync with the feeders doublepass. This gives the manipulator enough time to do the self-substitute on C. The intercept is given to the manipulator as a quite floaty “pelf”.
If anyone wants to insist on a carry being “carried” all the way into the hand: ambled wankle engine wouldn´t be possible, then. And that´d be a shame! It´s a very nice pattern and great to juggle (especially with Ed, Lukas and Michael)!

Download ambled wankle engine notation

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