Augsburg Notconvention 2018

Not a very large convention, but a nice one.
The gym is just awesome: It´s huge and very modern with good lighting and carpet. Also, showers and restrooms are brand new! There is a 24-hour buffet that everyone contributes to and a cash box for money contributions. Usually, a few very good passers arrange to go there together to do some serious nerding…

This year, we tackled 2 new patterns from Phoenix, Arizona:

Additionally, we taught 2 workshops:

The second workshop was meant for some guys from Ulm, my former home, who wanted to learn some basic juggling. As they didn´t turn up at Augsburg, I thought the workshop would be quite small and boring – it wasn´t!
Many jugglers came to learn something new. Some of of them brought their non-juggling SO´s, too.
Additionally, a unicycling hockey team turned up – and man, these guys got talent!
Watch them doing the shamrock!

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