Why Not About

CoastlessCon Göttingen, July 2020

Pattern type: other

Like other about-patterns, Why Not About has 12 starting positions: 3 persons x 2 positions (straight and cross passes) x 2 sides on which the manipulator can start (left or right of B). With a period of 15 beats between the manipulator changes, a full round takes 180 beats (and 42 seconds) before all jugglers have again reached their starting position.

Tips and tricks:

  • After your first three throws as A, you have five throws of pure, uninterrupted Why Not with B (who does not even move!). This is your chance to slow down the pattern. Take it!
  • When being intercepted, throw your last pass and immediately make a full step to the side so the new B can take your spot and has enough free space to throw their first pass.
  • It’s tempting for A to throw the very first pass (which is substituted) high and floaty, to give M some more time. Don’t! Rather keep it low to avoid collisions with the incoming pass.
  • The sequence itself repeats after 15 beats, but each starting position feels a little different. When the pattern starts to feel comfortable (and if you aim for a full round), think about practicing different starting positions throughout the pattern (instead of always turning back 1 or 2 positions).

Thanks to the Australian passers for their workshop at Königswiesen 2019/2020 where they introduced us to the pattern!

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